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I began pursuing physical passions that test my endurance, the salt of the earth streaming down my face, a drop rolling to a stop at the corner of my lips, my tongue darting out, snaring it, the texture of the pebbles rolling beneath my tickled feet, immersing myself into my headphones becoming a wavelength in the variable stream of music, the blue intensity of my passion seeping through my entire body.
It is in these pursuits for happiness, in these moments, that I have achieved my dream. So I gather those sunshine memories into a gunnysack dream bag, greedily clutched in my hand. Moments saved, to be worshiped, embraced, reflected on in difficult times. The savored dustless moments increasing as I ride the swell of my continually morphing passions thru different life stages: childhood, high school, marriage, work, children, and then…. Watching the litter of family stress, work, tension, penniless moments, golden necklaces lined with glittering diamonds, fall to the wayside, moments that will be unimportant in the juxtaposition of that timeless reflection, and transition between life and death.

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