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Quest 2016 ~ New Years Resolutions

Quest 2016 ~ New Years Resolutions

“Life is not a sprint it is a marathon.”  I have spent the last year in a place of discovery.  Getting know some amazing people and trying to work some unbelievable programs.  I have made myself an apprentice to the craft of writing.  My fear rages at me like a ragged taskmaster. I will never write the book; I will never start the blog and even if I do, how can I compete with the people who have earned BFA’s, MFA’s, or writer’s who have been writing since they were 8.   For 2016, my adventure is to acknowledge my fears, to work beside them, to step forward when all I want to do is stop and give in to my doubt riddled mind.  In 2016, I will become a mixologist, creating a soothing tonic for my fears by increasing my daily habits of writing, reading, and meditation practice by 10 minute increments until I have created the perfect potion.  2016 will be a time when all my time spent learning over the last year will meld into my tapestry of life and my anxieties will mellow like a fine old wine.  I will become more relaxed in the knowledge I have acquired.  Stepping forward my goal is to take my place among other writers.  I will be able to talk about books, genre’s, writer’s block, and publishing.  To continue to make the commitment to l sit down every day and pound out sentences on the keyboard, to rework them and to PUBLISH them.  My 2016 resolution is a commitment to my writing, my meditation, to doing what I can do to help others, to work from sun up to sun down on projects, travel, adventures that spark the joy of life within me.  To share all of this with everyone and anyone who will hear me and in turn bring light into the lives of others where darkness may yet reign.  I have enjoyed the last few years and the foundations that I have begun to build.  I plan to continue to build on those foundations and the communities that have begun to sprout around me.  Connections forged.  The Good Life Project and all my friends that I have embraced thanks to Jonathan and Stephanie Fields.  Tracking Wonder and Jeffrey Davis, who has increased my love for writing, showing me ways to improve it, encouraging me to participate.  He continues pushing me to go beyond my fears.  Finding me writing partners and supporting me moving through my intimidation.  To my group of writers who plied me with encouragement, who did not shy away from my raw writing instead stepped up and gave feedback that helped me improve thrice fold.  I have spent my life surviving, raising two lovely daughters and putting them through school.  I spent the last couple of years exploring my passions, trekking, writing; I feel grateful to everyone who has participated.  In 2016, it is time to build the house on the foundational layer.  To continue exploring my creative passions and begin building my brand.  It is time to lay down the sword of self-doubt.  To embrace my quest with unfettered joy.

What do you need to tell yourself?

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