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The Writing Cure

"So what do you do?" the brash young gentleman on my right inquired. "I am a writer," I responded “Do you write every day?” "Yes, I write most days. I am not an author per say; I am learning the craft of writing." “10,000 hours” Bruce Lee comments in my mind Ten...
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Quest 2016 ~ New Years Resolutions

"Life is not a sprint it is a marathon."  I have spent the last year in a place of discovery.  Getting know some amazing people and trying to work some unbelievable programs.  I have made myself an apprentice to the craft of writing.  My fear rages at me like a ragged...
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30 day Meditation, Dissociation, Calming the River Lethe

“No, no! The adventures first, explanations take such a dreadful time.” ― Lewis Carroll, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking-Glass So I began my 30-day meditation challenge. Not as a challenge, as an adventure. I have tried meditating before and...
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Soul Runner… Feeling Anxiety? Get Out and Run!

I opened the door and stepped into the beautiful warm, breezy San Diego day. I headed down the street with the joyful wonder I experience when I take off on one of my adventures. I turned up the street towards Sunset Cliffs with anticipatory freedom of running along...
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Passion for Fitness

I began pursuing physical passions that test my endurance, the salt of the earth streaming down my face, a drop rolling to a stop at the corner of my lips, my tongue darting out, snaring it, the texture of the pebbles rolling beneath my tickled feet, immersing myself...
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Creating Flow

Engaging in Life

Creating Meaning

Philanthropy, Acts of Kindness, etc.

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